The Best 200 Foot Zip Line Kit for Your Backyard

One of the best 200 Foot Zip Line Kits is the R200 by Alien Flier. It has everything you need to set up a backyard zip line in under a half an hour. It is the most comfortable of the styles because it is a zip line with seat. It comes with the X2 Trolley which is the only zipline trolley on the market with a speed control trigger. This is great for kids and newbies because it allows the rider to adjust their speed as they ascend down the ride. It also comes with 200 feet of galvanized 1/4″ zip line cable with 6 feet of slack on either end to secure your anchors. It comes with a heavy duty zipline brake block deceleration system that will bring the rider to a slow and easy stop, a tow rope to bring the the trolley back to the starting position, and all of the necessary hardware needed for assembly. This zip line is also great for kids because it has many adjustable seating options: the disc seat, a harness, and also a swing seat. All of them are made with safety in mind and are super durable. In my next blog post I’ll explore other zip line makes and styles. Check out Zip Line Stop for more zip line information!

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