A New Zip Line Course in Illinois

Western Springs, IL — The first zip line and crown obstacle course in Illinois opened Gregorian calendar month twenty five within the Forest Preserves of Cook County.

The seven-acre course by Go Ape, a treetop journey course company, runs through Bemis Woods South within the Forest Preserves, 1100 Ogden Avenue, in Western Springs.

Go Ape courses are designed for exercise, team building and confidence building at different talent levels, according to a news release from Go Ape and also the Forest Preserves.

“The Forest Preserves of Cook County has aggressively enlarged its recreational offerings over the last many years,” said Forest Preserves general superintendent Arnold Randall in a statement. “It is exciting to partner with a company like Go Ape, which understands our mission as an organization.”

After a 20-minute safety session, the course takes about 2 to 3 hours to end. Course features include:

5 zip lines totaling two,837 feet of zip line kits
A “double Tarzan swing” that allows two people to swing down from 30 feet and safely land in a cargo net
A series of rope ladders and bridges, spiderwebs and trapezes
40 obstacles situated 40-plus feet up in the forest canopy
The course is made up of five sites. Each site begins with a rope ladder leading to obstacles and ending with a zip line back down to the ground, according to Go Ape. Each site is more challenging than the last, and the zip lines get longer as you go.

The course costs are $57 for people 16 and older and $37 for children ages 10 to 15.

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