Which Zip Line Cable Length is Right for You?

Zip Line Stop offers several different zip line cables that come in set lengths- 75 foot, 100 foot, 150 foot, and 200 foot zip line cable. The hardest part about deciding to put up a backyard zip line is deciding how long it will be. If you have younger kids around 3 or 4 you will mostly likely want to go with a shorter cable size such as the 75 foot cable. For older kids around 5 or 6, the 100 foot zip line would be mostly appropriate and once your kids are around 7 and up you can choose between the 150 foot to 200 foot cable. Don’t get me wrong, an 8 year old would definitely still enjoy a 75 foot zip line in their backyard but it just won’t be as long as ride.

Zip Line Stop also sells just zip line cable. The cable comes in varying thickness depending on the weight of the load and the length of the ride. It comes in 3/16″, 1/4″, 1/2″, 5/16″, and 3/8″ cable. The zip lines sold  on the website come as follows: The 75 foot and 100 foot zip lines come with 3/16″ cable and the 150 foot and 200 foot zip lines come with the 1/4″ cable. The increase in cable size is due to the increased length and tension put on the zip line during the ride.

I’ve seen a multitude of parents who have chosen the 75 foot zip lines to attach them to their children’s tree houses. This is such a fantastic idea! One father decided to set the zip line up to his son’s tree house as a birthday surprise and it was a huge success, not only with his son but for the entire party! Zip Lines catch attention, they are like magnets for kids because it is something that kids crave. They love the idea of being able to freely operate something that moves so quickly and provides such a rush that is in their BACKYARD.

A Backyard Tree House Zip Line

One couple who lived in Virginia purchased the 200 foot zip line for with an amazing plan in mind. They assembled the zip line to zoom over top of their lake in their backyard! The lake was about 150 feet across and it was designed in such a way that it looked like rider was going to dive right into the bottom of the lake, but instead it they just skimmed the waters surface. They originally installed if for their 14 year old son that was constantly rigging up rope swings with his friends to jump into the lake, but they had a concern over the safety of the platforms that they were building. Again, a summer birthday surprise- he got a zip line…that flies over a lake! Lucky kid.

Zip Lining Across a Lake in Virginia

As you’ve read the hardest thing to consider when you want to buy a backyard zip line is what the purpose will be. There is no doubt that it will be an amazing and thrilling experience, but how do you want to utilize it? Do you want to build a platform and zip down from an incline? Do you already have a sloping hill in your backyard that would be the dream spot for a zip line? Or do you want to be super adventurous like the couple in Virginia and design the perfect zip line over a lake? The possibilities are endless!

Zip Lining Across a Lake!


The Best 200 Foot Zip Line Kit for Your Backyard

One of the best 200 Foot Zip Line Kits is the R200 by Alien Flier. It has everything you need to set up a backyard zip line in under a half an hour. It is the most comfortable of the styles because it is a zip line with seat. It comes with the X2 Trolley which is the only zipline trolley on the market with a speed control trigger. This is great for kids and newbies because it allows the rider to adjust their speed as they ascend down the ride. It also comes with 200 feet of galvanized 1/4″ zip line cable with 6 feet of slack on either end to secure your anchors. It comes with a heavy duty zipline brake block deceleration system that will bring the rider to a slow and easy stop, a tow rope to bring the the trolley back to the starting position, and all of the necessary hardware needed for assembly. This zip line is also great for kids because it has many adjustable seating options: the disc seat, a harness, and also a swing seat. All of them are made with safety in mind and are super durable. In my next blog post I’ll explore other zip line makes and styles. Check out Zip Line Stop for more zip line information!

Zip Lining…in your backyard?

Yes it is possible! We’ve come a long way from traveling miles and miles for a good adventure. With all of the new technological advances are you not surprised that you can buy a zip line…for your backyard? Zip line Kits come in all types of sizes, most of them ranging from 75 feet to up to 500 feet. The standard length for a backyard is usually around 200 feet, this allows for enough cable for you to truly appreciate the zip lining experience.

Kids absolutely love backyard zip lines, they are a great way to keep kids active through out the summer when they just want to lay around and play video games. Because zip lining produces a rush of endorphin in the brain it can almost become addicting in the same way video games hook children into playing for hours. They will keep kids moving, healthy, and happy. You can pick them up pretty cheap at Zip Line Stop. Hope everyone is having a great summer!