Spring Stop Braking Method

So what gives with all of these zip line braking methods? There are so many to choose from so how do you make the right choice? Most kits bought online, for example at Zip Line Stop will come with a primary braking system which is a brake block…but what if that fails? When you buy a zip line kit for your home you should always have a secondary braking system for obvious safety reasons. My favorite is the ZLP Spring Stop, it is essentially a stretched out spring that slides onto the zip line cable at the end of the ride. The only downfall is that if you have already installed your zip line you will have to take it down to put the spring stop into place. Although this is an inconvenience, I’ll tell you it’s worth it- especially if you’ll have roughhousing teenagers riding on the zip line… Trust me, you’ll thank me later for putting on the second braking system!

The spring stop also comes in two colors, neon green and black depending on your preferences. The green is cool because if you buy it in conjunction with the Alien Flier zip line kits it will match the color scheme. Now to make this clear, you most likely wouldn’t need a secondary braking system if you only have, say, a 75 foot zip line, but if you have 200 foot zip line I would definitely recommend going with the second system…even if it is a second brake block..just in case. But hey, I mean some people live on the edge, right?

The Best 200 Foot Zip Line Kit for Your Backyard

One of the best 200 Foot Zip Line Kits is the R200 by Alien Flier. It has everything you need to set up a backyard zip line in under a half an hour. It is the most comfortable of the styles because it is a zip line with seat. It comes with the X2 Trolley which is the only zipline trolley on the market with a speed control trigger. This is great for kids and newbies because it allows the rider to adjust their speed as they ascend down the ride. It also comes with 200 feet of galvanized 1/4″ zip line cable with 6 feet of slack on either end to secure your anchors. It comes with a heavy duty zipline brake block deceleration system that will bring the rider to a slow and easy stop, a tow rope to bring the the trolley back to the starting position, and all of the necessary hardware needed for assembly. This zip line is also great for kids because it has many adjustable seating options: the disc seat, a harness, and also a swing seat. All of them are made with safety in mind and are super durable. In my next blog post I’ll explore other zip line makes and styles. Check out Zip Line Stop for more zip line information!

Zip Lining…in your backyard?

Yes it is possible! We’ve come a long way from traveling miles and miles for a good adventure. With all of the new technological advances are you not surprised that you can buy a zip line…for your backyard? Zip line Kits come in all types of sizes, most of them ranging from 75 feet to up to 500 feet. The standard length for a backyard is usually around 200 feet, this allows for enough cable for you to truly appreciate the zip lining experience.

Kids absolutely love backyard zip lines, they are a great way to keep kids active through out the summer when they just want to lay around and play video games. Because zip lining produces a rush of endorphin in the brain it can almost become addicting in the same way video games hook children into playing for hours. They will keep kids moving, healthy, and happy. You can pick them up pretty cheap at Zip Line Stop. Hope everyone is having a great summer!